Leon Washington makes historic comeback in Seahawks win

Not only is current Seattle Seahawks and former New York Jets running back Leon Washington(notes) one of the NFL's most explosive scoring threats when healthy, he's also one of the good guys. That's why it was so cool so see Washington break two kickoff returns for touchdowns against the San Diego Chargers today in Seattle's 27-20 win at Qwest Field.

Washington, who was traded from the Jets this April for a fifth-round pick, suffered a horrible broken leg less than a year ago. On Oct. 25, 2009. Washington broke his right fibula against the Oakland Raiders, and the injury was so bad, he had to have surgery immediately. (We'll spare you the details, except to say that the bone broke through the skin. Yeouch).

Washington had a metal rod put in his leg, recovered during the Seahawks' training camp and preseason, and it's safe to say that he's all the way back. The two kick return touchdowns Washington had in this game set a Seahawks record, he now has the longest in team history (101 yards), and he almost broke a third for another score.

"When you have a returner who has faith in the guys in front of him, he can hit it hard and fast," Washington said. "Like I did in New York, I'm just coming here bringing that same type of attitude. I know that in the return game, you get a chance to instantly change momentum because [you can score on] the first play of the game, right after halftime, and right after the opposing team scores. I relish the opportunity to change the momentum."

After the game, Washington also said that he couldn't believe the Chargers were still kicking to him after this first TD:

But they did, and we have proof:

It's a pretty amazing comeback, and an incredible day for Leon Washington.

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