LeBron James, Hulk Hogan, Jerry Jones: yes, this happened last night

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The Cowboys hosted the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football, and in true Jerry Jones form, if something's worth doing, it's worth overdoing. Here, via Clint Stoerner and Albert Breer, is a photo of Jones with reigning NBA champ LeBron James and American icon Hulk Hogan. It's enough to make you cry star-spangled tears.

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Naturally, these two weren't the only luminaries in attendance at Jerry's House O' 'Merican Football; no, per Deadspin, everyone from Nolan Ryan to Chris Paul to Chris Christie was roaming the big man's suite. It was impressive, to say the least, and no, your invitation didn't get lost in the mail. (Barely-related aside: to see a thinly-disguised Jerry Jones in novelistic form, read "Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk." It'll make you see Jones and "America's Team" in a whole new light.)

Anyway, LeBron somehow manages to be a bandwagon himself who's also a bandwagoner; his two favorite teams are the Cowboys and the Yankees, and you know if he wasn't on the Heat he'd be wearing a Heat jersey too. Thing is, Texas fans — many of whom root for the decidedly non-bandwagon-y Spurs — don't necessarily take kindly to Mr. James' carpetbagging ways:

Interesting. There always seems to be plenty of room on the Cowboys bandwagon for that Aikman-loving clown at your local bar, but none for LeBron? Shame.

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