LeBron James is going to take Tom Brady's woman

Look at that, Tom. That's your slice on the cover of Vogue magazine, with LeBron James' paws all over her. What are you doing to do about it, Tom? Are you just going to let LeBron snuggle up on her like that?

Interesting. My guess is that if you went 19-0, Tom, Giselle wouldn't be in LeBron's loving arms on the cover of any magazine. Just a theory.

I know it's just a magazine cover, but that's LeBron James, man. I know it's Tom Brady we're talking about, and there aren't a lot of dudes on the planet that bring what Tom brings to the table, but LeBron's one of them. He's taller, he's got more money, and he's never lost to Eli Manning.

Again, I know you're Tom Brady, but ... just because you can drive your lady around in a Jaguar doesn't mean you should let her hang out with a guy who has a Rolls.

Oh, this is awkward. It reminds me of the time when that one girl left Lance Harbor for Johnny Moxon, only Tom Brady didn't blow out his knee because Billy Bob missed a block, he lost the Super Bowl because everybody missed their blocks. And Johnny Moxon is like LeBron in that -- yeah, actually, Johnny Moxon isn't anything like LeBron. I'm afraid that's where this comparison has to end.

Also, I hate the off-season.

Strike a pose: LeBron James to appear on Vogue’s cover / Yahoo! Sports