LeBron James bashes Trent Dilfer on Twitter

LeBron James is a sensitive soul, so sensitive, in fact, that his thin skin extends to other star athletes who are getting criticized. The two-time NBA MVP was watching "SportsCenter" the other night when he saw NFL analyst Trent Dilfer(notes) breaking down Peyton Manning's(notes) recent disappointing performances. As Manning has thrown eight interceptions in three straight losses, Dilfer obviously wasn't too complimentary with his remarks.

So fired up was LeBron about this, that his thoughts stretched out over two Tweets. (140 characters can't hold him!):

1. A man who has self-anointed himself as a king is bashing others for saying things they can't do? Thank goodness Charlemagne has been dead for 1,200 years, because if that dude was alive today and had a Twitter account, he'd probably have a few choice words for "King James." And isn't this the same LeBron who said the Heat were going to win seven titles? Get back to us in 2017 and see how that's working out for you, champ.

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2. Of all the people on ESPN's football coverage to bash, LeBron picked Trent Dilfer? I'm not going to say I'm a huge Dilfer fan, but he's easily one of the least offensive people involved with the network's NFL coverage. Chris Berman, Cris Carter, Tedy Bruschi(notes), Matt Millen, Tom Jackson and Cris Carter (yeah, again) work there. Singling out Dilfer is like saying the Heat's early struggles have been because of Mario Chalmers.

3. Dilfer's comments on Manning weren't that off-base. Lord knows LeBron can't take criticism very well, but that doesn't mean it's not well-deserved sometimes. Peyton is playing bad football at the moment. Much of that has to do with injuries and a bad defense, but if Peyton gets the credit when the Colts win, he deserves the blame when the team loses. (And unlike LeBron, I'm sure Peyton is self-aware enough to realize when he's playing poorly.)

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4. LeBron is right about one thing: Dilfer couldn't dream of doing what Peyton has done of late. In the last three games, Manning has thrown eight interceptions in three consecutive losses. Dilfer never had such a bad stretch during his 13-year career.

5. Trent Dilfer: one ring. Peyton Manning: one ring. LeBron James: zero rings.

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