Every NFL stadium in 16 weeks: The ultimate NFL road trip

Sure, you can say you're a big NFL fan, but until you can do what Sean MacDonald has done, you've got a long way to go.

MacDonald, author of "The Ultimate Football Road Trip," is a member of "Club 122." In other words, he's traveled to the stadiums of all 122 professional sports teams in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and Major League Baseball. (In cities where franchises share a venue, Club 122 members must visit the venue for each team.) Not only that, in 2013 Sean saw a game in every single NFL stadium. That's right: 32 teams, 16 weeks, one heck of a road trip. And he's here to tell you his secrets.

Sean joined us for a chat on our twice-weekly Shutdown Corner podcast, and you can hear that right here:

Some more statistics from his fascinating four-month odyssey across the NFL landscape:

• He started with the season opener in Denver and ended on Dec. 29 in Seattle, then caught playoff games in Philadelphia, New England, and Denver before concluding the season at the Super Bowl. Not a bad run, huh?

• During the trip, Sean hit 38 of the 48 contiguous states, and drove 20,353 miles all by himself, using 550 gallons of gas.

• The trip cost him a total of $17,000, with $6,000 going toward lodging.

• Not only is Sean married, he got married in June 2013, just before setting out on this journey.

• He found cheap tickets at almost every venue except one. You'll have to read the book or listen to the podcast to find that one out, but here's a hint: he can't repeat that trip.

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Sound like fun? Heck yes it does, but most of us don't have the foundation in place to take off for four months and spend five figures. That's all right; Sean has you covered for more short-term jaunts. The latest edition of "The Ultimate Football Road Trip," now available for only $4.99 at Amazon, not only gives a prospective itinerary to hit all 32 stadiums, it breaks down the inside secrets of each one. For instance, you can learn:

• The best places to sit (and avoid) when buying a ticket.

• The best places to purchase a ticket on the, shall we say, "secondary market" around the stadium.

• Secret routes into and out of each stadium.

• The best places to hang and have a drink before and after each game.

• Which fans are the rowdiest and drunkest, which means you want to hang with them.

Whether you're planning to chuck your life and live as an NFL vagrant or just get away for a weekend and watch some football in a new town, "The Ultimate Football Road Trip" is well worth your time.

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