The leading source for Super Bowl XLII injury updates:

Granted, we're just a day or two into it, but so far, the world leader in breaking Super Bowl news is not Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, or SI ... it's

If you're not familiar with that particular web establishment, they're traditionally way more likely to give you an update on something like Lindsay Lohan flicking a booger at a busboy than they are an NFL injury report.

But there they were yesterday, with one of their weird paparazzi people stalking Handsome Tom Brady and his special lady ladyfriend, Gisele Bundchen, outside of her New York apartment. They spotted Brady in a walking cast, hobbling along with a limp. If it's any kind of a serious injury, no one else had picked up on it at the time, though ESPN did after the fact. Handsome Tom says the injury is nothing to worry about, though the doctor who suggested he wear a cast might disagree.

You can see the video here, so long as you don't mind being creeped out by a persistent photographer incessantly hassling people who have no interest in even looking at his face.

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