Lawrence Tynes’ wife doesn’t seem happy at notion her husband is ‘responding well’ to MRSA treatment

What has happened to Lawrence Tynes is pretty scary.

The Buccaneers kicker contracted MRSA, a serious staph infection that can be resistant to drug treatments. This reportedly stemmed from an ingrown toenail and the infection that might have spread through the Buccaneers' facility. Tampa Bay guard Carl Nicks has also been sidelined with a MRSA infection. Tynes went to New York for a second opinion (he spent the last four seasons with the Giants) and he had a PICC line inserted to help the treatment.

The team probably wants this story to pass as soon as possible. The Buccaneers sanitized the facility, the type of issue no NFL team wants to deal with. This week, the Tampa Bay Times had a story with the headline that Nicks and Tynes are "responding well" to treatment. ESPN quoted Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano as saying, "They’re responding well" as the team puts a happy face on the story.

Amanda Tynes didn't appear too thrilled about the message being put out by the team.

Amanda Tynes, Lawrence's wife, tweeted a picture of her obviously unhappy husband hooked up to what appears to be his PICC line as he continues to be treated as the NFL season is almost ready to start without him.

If it wasn't obvious, the "This is our #buclife" line certainly drips with sarcasm and dissatisfaction. It's not surprising the Tynes family isn't very happy over the situation, especially when the Buccaneers made the cold but understandable move of signing kicker Rian Lindell the same day Tynes was having surgery. And it's possible to read between the lines of Amanda Tynes' follow-up tweet and the "finally has the right people in his corner" line:

Hopefully Tynes' condition clears up fast and he can create some decent memories of his time with the Buccaneers.

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