Larry Johnson has a funny way of sending a woman a drink

Most guys go one of two ways. They either approach the bartender, point out a lady, and indicate that they'd like to send her a drink ... or they approach the woman directly, and ask her if they could buy her a beverage of her choice.

Larry "Chivalry is Dead and You're Damn Right I Killed It" Johnson of the Kansas City Chiefs, on the other hand, has a different approach.

What he (allegedly) does is approach the bartender, order the drink, put a portion of it in his mouth, find an attractive woman, spit the drink all over her, and then say, "I'm going to kill your boyfriend."

Does the approach work for him? Yes. If his goal is to get sued.

From the Associated Press:

According to the lawsuit, Johnson offered to buy Stewart a shot of alcohol on Oct. 3, but she declined. A week later, she alleged, Johnson became belligerent toward her and said, "All I wanted to tell you is I'm going to kill your boyfriend."

Stewart claims Johnson also said, "I'm gonna kill you, too. First I'm gonna kill your boyfriend, then I'm going to kill you and that's a promise."

She says that as she was backing away from him, Johnson took a drink from his glass and spit it in her face, then his two bodyguards tackled her.

The suit claims that Johnson tried three more times to spit on Stewart as he was walking to his car with his bodyguards.

It was the fourth time in five years that Johnson has been accused of assaulting a woman. He has a Dec. 4 court date for allegedly pushing a woman's face at another Kansas City night spot in February.

The woman pictured above is Ashley Stewart, the woman who has filed the suit against Johnson. The photo is taken from the "Women of KU" calendar in 2006.

"This is not about money," said Kirra N. Jones, Stewart's attorney. "My client has worked her way through school. She's in the Air Force, National Guard. She's a hardworking student and this really came as an unfortunate incident in her life. But you know what? She's a fighter. She's willing to be the person who finally makes Larry Johnson answer for his repeated bad behavior."

Good for her.

Gracias, Arrowhead Addict.

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