Lance Briggs and Charles Tillman make history with back-to-back pick-sixes (VIDEO)

Maggie Hendricks
Shutdown Corner

The Chicago Bears routed the Jacksonville Jaguars 41-3 on Sunday afternoon. Two of those touchdowns came from the defense, which is proving to be a more potent scoring threat than Devin Hester or the Jay Cutler-Brandon Marshall connection.

Charles Tillman picked off Blaine Gabbert in the third quarter and took it for a 36-yard touchdown. In the fourth quarter, Lance Briggs got a pick-six of his own.

Briggs and Tillman also managed defensive touchdowns in the Bears' Week 4 win over the Dallas Cowboys. This is the third straight week the Bears defense has scored a touchdown. It's also the first time in NFL history that a pair of teammates have returned interceptions for touchdowns in back-to-back weeks.

Heading into their bye week, the Bears are 4-1 and tied with the Minnesota Vikings for the lead in the NFC North. Briggs and Tillman will have to wait a week before they head to Detroit to see if they can go for a three-peat.

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