Ladies and gentlemen, Brett Favre is back! (sort of)

Between the draft, the lockout, and various athlete tweets and legal repercussions, there's been so much going on in professional football, we've barely had time to miss one Brett Lorenzo Favre.

And for one Brett Lorenzo Favre, there's nothing worse than not being missed. That's why he gave an interview to Mississippi television station WDAM-TV on Thursday from a football camp, saying that he may be looking to get into coaching or find some work as a TV analyst, though he has no plans to enter any field anytime soon — according to the interview, Favre has spent the last few months traveling and following Southern Miss baseball.

Of course, with Favre, the meaning behind the meaning is what everyone's looking for. He's famously wavered on the issue of retirement more often than The Who, and with the filing of his retirement papers after an injury-plagued 2010 season, Favre might be the one "free agent" quarterback who played last year that NFL teams could contact under the current lockout rules.

Favre's last team, the Minnesota Vikings, took Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder with the 12th overall pick, but you'd have to think that other NFL teams still looking to solve their quarterback situations with a freeze on free agency (especially those teams looking to boost their box office) might find a flare from Favre at this point in the offseason to prompt some very interesting thoughts.

And for Favre, we're right about on schedule. The football camp (or throwing the ball around with high school players in general) is generally the first sign that Punxsutawney Brett is thinking of mounting another comeback. Next, Favre will have to hold a press conference insisting that nothing's going on in an NFL sense for him. Then, he'll have to announce another press conference announcing that … well, maybe there is something to all this comeback stuff. At that point, Rich Eisen will throw up the Favre Watch signal, we'll be at DEFCON 5, and the NFL Network will become the Favre Channel once again.

In truth, I think that if Favre leaves the door open at all, he could get a huge run of offers, especially if the lockout goes into the late summer. With teams rushing to sign their new quarterbacks and teach the playbooks, the advantage Favre brings is that a.) He's seen just about every kind of offense at this point; and b.) Half the time, he ignores what the coach tells him what to do and succeeds anyway. If you're an NFL team looking for that kind of advantage in a time of uncertainty, wouldn't you take a flyer on Kiln, Mississippi's oldest quarterback?

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