Lack of interest in Michael Vick during free agency indicates his NFL career is almost over

Anwar S. Richardson
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Lack of interest in Michael Vick during free agency indicates his NFL career is almost over
Lack of interest in Michael Vick during free agency indicates his NFL career is almost over

Michael Vick’s main goal during free agency was to sign with a team that wanted him to start in 2014.

It appears Vick’s goal was too high.

NFL free agency is slowing down, and the majority of elite players are off the market. Most teams have snagged the players on their wish list. There are a few good ones remaining, but the majority will stay on the market until after the draft. If a team does not fill its needs during the draft, it will be active during the second wave of free agency. That is when remaining veterans sign short-term deals to fill up a roster heading into training camp.

Vick will seemingly be among the players looking for work after the draft.

The teams in desperate need of a quarterback are not beating down Vick’s door. Houston, Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, Tampa Bay and the New York Jets have shown little interest. Tampa Bay signed Josh McCown during last week, while the Raiders are reportedly waiting to see if Houston’s Matt Schaub or the New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez are released during the offseason.

So far, Vick has not visited a team.

If you need further proof about the lack of interest in Vick, San Francisco gave up a sixth-round pick for Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert, who has been an NFL bust since being selected in the first round of the 2011 draft.

Vick’s career may not be over, but it is definitely coming to an end.

After entering the league as an exciting dual-threat quarterback with the Atlanta Falcons in 2001, Vick’s latest legacy has been an inability to stay healthy. He has not played in all 16 games of a season since 2006 with the Falcons. He appeared in five games last season before suffering a hamstring injury. Vick missed two games and sustained another hamstring injury. He was permanently replaced by Nick Foles, and spent the remainder of 2013 on the bench.

Vick’s record is 5-11 over the past two years, and he was 2-3 in 2013. He had 57 touchdown passes, 13 rushing touchdowns and 33 interceptions with the Eagles. He also fumbled 36 times during five seasons in Philadelphia.

There will not be a long list of teams lining up for a 34-year-old quarterback who cannot stay healthy, struggles with turnovers and wants to start. Vick may sign with a team and eventually emerge as the starter, but if an organization was really interested in him as a No. 1 quarterback, he would have been signed during the first few days of free agency.  

More importantly, Philadelphia would have prevented Vick from leaving if coach Chip Kelly believed the veteran had enough left in the tank to start.

Vick wanted a starting job, but finding employment might be a more reasonable goal.

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