49ers goat Kyle Williams has been receiving death threats on Twitter

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Kyle Williams, the San Francisco 49ers punt returner whose two fumbles helped cost the team a trip to the Super Bowl, has been receiving death threats via Twitter from angry fans.

The San Francisco Gate found multiple tweets written to Williams by angry fans, many of whom suggested what the second-year veteran should do with himself in light of his disastrous playoff performance. One of the messages recommended he jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. Another suggested he "run n2 a bullet." One of the more disturbing tweets mentioned Williams' wife and kids.

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Aggrieved fans acting ignorant and making baseless threats is nothing new. Before Twitter, these idiots were spouting off in bars and family rooms whenever a player on their favorite team played the role of a goat. The only difference now is that they have a public forum and a more direct line with which to vent their frustration.

A quick look through Williams' recent twitter timeline shows that support is far outweighing the negative. He's been sent hundreds of messages of encouragement from fans and has also received mention from current NFL players, Hall of Famers and 49ers teammates.

They realize what those select few fools don't: Kyle Williams had a terrible day. He deserves to be criticized, not crucified.

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