Kyle Long spends day with 9-year-old bullying victim

Andrew Oyston and Bears guard Kyle Long (@Ky1eLong)

A few hours of Bears guard Kyle Long's time will end up making a lifetime memory for a 9-year-old boy in the Chicago suburbs.

It started when Andrew Oyston was being bullied about his weight at school, and even on the bus to and from school. According to the story from the Northwest Herald, his grades slipped and the constant harassment really got him down.

A message from Oyston's father to Long on Twitter ended up resulting in Oyston picking up a new, high-profile friend.

According to the Northwest Herald, Oyston's dad didn't know what else to do about the bullying of his son and asked Long on Twitter if there was anything he could do to help. Perhaps he figured Long, a big dude at 311 pounds, could relate. Long replied in 45 seconds, offering to ride the bus with Andrew (a good idea, because I don't think anyone is bullying someone with Kyle Long as a bodyguard). One thing led to another, and Long came out to meet up with Andrew at his sister's birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese.

Long played games with Andrew, then returned to the family's house to throw the football around with him, according to the Northwest Herald. Long posted pictures of the day on his social media accounts.

The Northwest Herald said the day even included Long handing the phone to Andrew when he got a phone call from Bears running back Matt Forte. Pretty cool stuff.

"I didn't think any of this would happen," Frank Oyston, Andrew's father, told the Northwest Herald. "But (Saturday) was amazing. My son just thought it was the greatest thing ever. He was totally shocked."

Good for Kyle Long. The NFL is better off with people like him in it.

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