You know who could save the Indianapolis Colts? Jeff George

Shutdown Corner

That's the opinion of Jeff George, anyway. He believes he could have the Colts offense down pat in a couple of days. He told the Chicago Tribune on Monday night that he's not giving up hope that it could happen.

"I know it's a long shot, but they need something," the 43-year-old George said by phone, stressing he wasn't intending to be critical of Collins, who "was put in a bad situation."

"If I can come back and help my hometown team, with my family being here, in any way that I could, what a great feeling that would be," George said.

And he does owe the Colts. They made him the first overall pick in the 1989 draft, and then gave him the biggest rookie contract in NFL history. In return, the Colts got back 14 wins and 35 losses over four sad years.

After that, George turned into the NFL's Mike Morgan, making stops in Atlanta, Oakland, Minnesota, Washington, Seattle, Chicago, Oakland again, plus one season working as a Sandwich Artist at a Zanesville, Ohio, Subway.

This is kind of standard for George. In 2009, he was talking about making a comeback. Last year, he wanted to play for the Vikings after Brett Favre left. The only real surprise is that none of this has come from Jason Whitlock.

I'd love to see it happen. Now, please don't interpret that as me saying that this is a good idea for the Colts, because there's no way it is. Kerry Collins' major problem, as it relates to being a quarterback, is that he's 38 years old. Jeff George is 43, and the last time he had a good season, Cam Newton was in the fifth grade.

The entertainment value, though, would be off the charts. There's no way I'd miss a Jeff George start. There's no way I'd miss the look on Curtis Painter's face as Jeff George takes the field and Painter thinks to himself, "Really?"

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