On what kind of team does Tim Tebow fit?

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Would "Arena League" be an acceptable answer?

Because as far as the NFL goes, it's hard to see too many teams as a great fit for the Tim Tebow experience. Anyone who's going to bring Tim Tebow in with the intention of having him compete for a starting job has to be willing to 1) subject themselves to an insane media onslaught and intense fan displeasure if Tebow isn't starting; and 2) completely rebuild their offense to suit Tebow's strengths (running the football) and weaknesses (pretty much everything associated with throwing the ball like an NFL quarterback should).

The first one really isn't Tebow's fault. In a way, he's a victim of his own success ‒ his extreme likeability actually makes him a liability. Anytime a quarterback ahead of Tebow stumbles, fans and media will create a pro-Tebow firestorm that envelops the entire franchise. That's not good.

No, for Tebow to make sense to a team, that team would have to be at one extreme or another ‒ absolutely barren at the quarterback position and going nowhere as a franchise, or so solidly set at the quarterback position that even Tebowmania couldn't make a dent.

That doesn't mean that's where he'll end up ‒ with Tebow, anything is possible. Think back to draft day when the Broncos shocked the world and took Tebow in the first round. All it takes is one owner or GM to get caught up in the Tebow tornado of charisma.

I'm also ignoring the idea of a team using him purely for a healthy PR gain. A team like Cincinnati could sign him, publicize the bejeezus out of everything he does off the field, and become America's darling. I'd also like to see twice weekly web shows where Tim Tebow and Adam Pacman Jones sit down to discuss current events.

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To me, Jacksonville is the ideal fit. It fits mold No. 1, a franchise so bereft of anything else that they might as well make themselves the Jacksonville Tebows. Sure, Blaine Gabbert's there, and he's young and has a good draft pedigree, but did you really see anything from Gabbert last year that pointed toward greatness? Fans, talent and hope are all fairly sparse in Jacksonville. Try some Tebow magic.

Worst-case scenario, the Jaguars sell some tickets in the short term and they're still not very good. Best-case scenario, they go 19-0 and win the Super Bowl with a quarterback with a 34.3 passer rating.

On the other end of the spectrum ‒ teams that have an established quarterback that couldn't be touched even by Tebow ‒ how about the Patriots? There will be no quarterback controversy. Josh McDaniels is back with the Pats, and he's the guy who loved Tebow to begin with in Denver. Surely, McDaniels and Belichick could find a way to use Tebow in an imaginative, non-quarterback way. I could see him finishing 2012 with the Patriots with 335 rushing yards, 292 receiving yards, 32 tackles, three interceptions and a Pro Bowl nod as a special teamer.

Anything in between, and it seems like a huge risk to add Tebow. The Jaguars and maybe the Dolphins could benefit from it, and teams like the Patriots, Packers, Saints, Giants and Steelers could maybe pull it off.

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