Kim Kardashian mocks herself in new Super Bowl ad

The Super Bowl ad march has begun. Catch 'em now so they won't surprise you during the Big Game.

Ad: "Kim's Data Stash," T-Mobile

Concept: A fake public service ad in the style of "feed the children," but for unused mobile data. T-Mobile promises to help you take care of your data so that you can use it for important things, like keeping up with Kim Kardashian West.

Execution: A contemplative piano score, a heartfelt message, Kim not saying more than five words in any single shot ... yep, this was put together with skill. More to the point, you might actually remember what this ad is pitching 15 minutes after you've seen it. Although if you're the type of parent still trying to figure out how to tell your kids about deflate-gate, you probably ought to have an explanation ready for why that nice lady is on the TV without much clothes on.

Verdict: We're still not entirely sure Kim knows this is a joke. That said, it's a reasonable enough facsimile of a late-night plea for charity. This'll get a chuckle or two at the ol' Super Bowl party ... followed by a "You know what I heard ... " bit of lurid gossip.

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