Kids say the darndest things about Richard Sherman, including ‘Wreck-It Ralph’ comparison

Leave it to kids to put the controversy about Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman into perspective.

When Sherman taunted the 49ers and then gave a loud postgame interview to Fox's Erin Andrews, it became an invitation for every person to give their thoughts on sports in general. Sherman was a villain or a hero (and one or the other to many who probably never heard of him before the end of Sunday's NFC championship game), and there was no gray area.

But then there are kids, who see things in a much different way. One of them wrote a letter comparing Sherman to "Wreck-It Ralph," a character from a Disney movie of the same name, and Sherman tweeted it out.'s description of "Wreck-It Ralph" puts it best: "A video game villain wants to be a hero and sets out to fulfill his dream, but his quest brings havoc to the whole arcade where he lives."

Maybe the kid is onto something here.

The kid's letter comparing Sherman to Wreck-It Ralph, which cuts off some words, appears to say in part, "people think they are both bad but they are both really good guys." It ends with "I love Richard Sherman and Wreck-It Ralph."

And if that wasn't enough "awwwwww" for you, some kids re-enacted the infamous Sherman postgame interview, and Fox Sports posted it on their YouTube page.

At least the kids haven't gone too crazy over this never-ending argument.

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