Kevin Smith is very thorough with the self-back patting

That's Central Florida running back Kevin Smith, who's been posting video updates of himself going through the draft process on YouTube. Some might call this a video blog, but please don't, because if you do, Bob Costas will hate him forever. I was completely unaware of any of this until Deadspin posted it yesterday.

Not only did this make me like Kevin Smith (the man spends 60 hours a week on his grind, or his "grizzy," if you will), but I'm thinking this should be mandatory for every potential NFL draftee. Imagine if every player had to do this, and we could all follow the draft this way. You'd actually feel like you knew the guy when your team drafted him.

Your reactions and level of emotional investment would be totally different.

"We took Maurice Splurgdington in the 2nd round? Dammit, man! That guy said on his second video blog that he didn't see why anyone thought There Will Be Blood was a good movie! Can you believe that? I don't want a guy who can't appreciate film roving our secondary. Every time I see him, I'll just wonder what more Daniel Day-Lewis could have done.

Or, you know, whatever your personal preferences happened to be.

Kevin Smith Keeps The Draft Updates Coming / Deadspin

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