Kevin Kolb slips on a wet rubber mat between practice fields and injures himself

When you play football, injuries are part of the game. You figure to be hurt at some point being tackled by a defensive player or blocked by a massive lineman (or occasionally felled by a rogue Jolly Rancher), but it's never part of the plan to injure yourself running from one practice field to another.

Buffalo quarterback Kevin Kolb can't catch a break.

Kolb, who has dealt with his share of typical football injuries in his career, slipped on some wet rubber mats on his way from one field to another and hurt his knee. After trainers looked at his left knee, he took off his pads and headed to the locker room.

The injury isn't considered serious and Kolb is day-to-day, Bills coach Doug Marrone told the media after practice.

The Associated Press reported Kolb, who is competing with rookie E.J. Manuel to start for the Bills this season, was running as the offense switched fields during practice. He "stumbled awkwardly" on the mats.

"Though, he did not fall, he had trouble standing and put his arm around the shoulder of head trainer Bud Carpenter," the AP reported. "Kolb then tossed down his helmet in frustration, before sitting down on the field."

Bills employees then swept water off the mats, and many people are sure to wonder aloud why the team would allow its players to be running on a wet, slippery and dangerous area between fields.

Kolb is coming off a season in which he missed 10 games after multiple ribs were detached from his sternum. That injury sounds awful, but at least it happened on the field during a game, not on some rubber mats.

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