Kevin Kolb’s feelings weren’t hurt by Arizona’s pursuit of Peyton Manning

Shutdown Corner

Alternate headline: Kevin Kolb is not completely delusional about his place in the National Football League.

The overwhelming majority of teams in the NFL would be improved by having Peyton Manning under center. A quarterback would have to be very good or very emotionally fragile to be offended by the notion that Manning's presence would improve the team. Kevin Kolb, to his credit, is in neither group.

He didn't necessarily love the way the Cardinals communicated with him, but Kolb understands the pursuit of Manning. From the AP:

''Without getting into too much detail about our conversation [between he and coach Ken Whisenhunt], I just said in the future if you can just communicate with me, I can take it, if this is the route you're going,'' Kolb said. ''I'd just rather hear it from him than the ticker." [...]

''Look, everybody knows what this league is about,'' he said. ''If you've been in it for awhile you understand that you've got to fight for your job every single day and every single year. It's management's job here and in every organization to make sure they do their best to improve every position. In my mind, it's their right to go look wherever they need to look." [...]

''You can't get your feelings hurt in this business,'' he said. ''That's just the way it is. I didn't take it as that and I won't ever take it as that.''


And who could blame the Cardinals if they felt like they wanted a guy who might have a better quarterback rating than 81.1? The Cardinals gave him a big-money free-agent contract, and he didn't deliver much value for it. Some might even argue that he didn't clearly beat out John Skelton. I'd hate to think a guy had an attitude of "How dare you acquire Peyton Manning!" when he's yet to clearly beat out John Skelton.

Feelings are irrelevant for Kolb in 2012. He needs to produce, and he knows that. With last year's lockout, he had the built-in excuse that he was adapting to a new offense but never had time to learn it. Another 81.1 season won't satisfy anyone. One more season like that, and the Cardinals will be looking to replace him with someone way worse than Manning.

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