Kenny Britt hints at future exodus from Tennessee Titans on Twitter

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Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt tweeted several times on Tuesday, but this one clearly was the one that caught the most attention:

Advanced note to Titans public relations: The hacked-Twitter-account defense likely won't work here.

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Britt doesn't appear too happy with his current team and doesn't appear too likely to return next season. He either could walk as a free agent in 2014, or perhaps be traded in the interim.

But the Titans aren't thrilled with Britt, either. They benched him for parts of the Titans' 30-24 overtime loss on Sunday to the Texans, reportedly for penalties, mental mistakes and poorly run routes. Britt only has been targeted 11 times in two games and has a mere five catches for 43 yards. In comparison, he has committed three penalties.

"That's two weeks in a row he's had a holding call, so it was more to refocus him," Titans head coach Mike Munchak said of the benching. "It cost us a 10-yard penalty on a 10-yard gain, and we can't have that."

Cook left via free agency and cashed in with the Rams. But Britt likely will have to repair his image a bit before he is rewarded with the same type of payday.

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