Keith Brooking is having some legal and financial issues

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Dallas Cowboys linebacker Keith Brooking is accused of trying to hide some of his personal assets so that the bank couldn't seize them after he failed to make good on a loan.

I really prefer the way TMZ describes it, though. According to TMZ, Brooking is "the mastermind in a diabolical scheme to screw Wells Fargo out of $2 MILLION," which makes him sound like the Dr. Evil of the NFL. I like to think that when fellow linebacker Bradie James is lined up in the wrong position, Brooking yells, "Bradie DON'T!"

But according to the suit, Brooking "realized he would not be able to meet his obligations" to Wells Fargo ... and secretly embarked on a "systematic effort to hinder, delay and defraud" the bank.

WF claims Brooking began to hide all of his substantial assets, including property in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina ... so the bank couldn't go after his homes to satisfy the debt.

According to the lawsuit, the plan was simple ... Brooking simply transferred the deeds out of his name to various "insiders, affiliates and relatives."

So the plan was simple, but Brooking also masterminded a diabolical scheme? Come on, TMZ. I'm thinking about hiring Keith Brooking to help me break into the Iranian Gold Reserve, but you guys can't decide if he's Charlie Croaker or if he just did something relatively simple. Help me out.

A representative for Brooking says there's no evidence that Brooking transferred any properties and says the allegations are unfounded. We wish him the best with his legal troubles.

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