Kansas City Chiefs select Central Michigan OT Eric Fisher with the first overall pick

The Kansas City Chiefs have selected Central Michigan offensive tackle Eric Fisher with the first overall pick in the 2013 NFL draft.

Pros: Ideal build for a do-it-all tackle -- long arms, powerful upper body, muscular lower body, and the flexibility to employ outstanding leverage. Comes off the snap extending his arms, driving his defender, and leading with a nasty attitude. Quick kick-step allows him to step with speed rushers. Plays with a dominating personality -- developing a reputation as a bad-ass, and he wants to perpetuate it. Gets his feet down in a wide base and can absolutely envelop defenders. High percentage of knockdown blocks for his size, even against better teams. Gets under pads and comes up at an angle. Can be rocked back at times by bigger opponents, but re-sets with quickness and excellent technique.

Cons: Fisher could use come finishing work on his back-step in pass protection -- while he comes off the ball very quickly, he isn't as consistently smooth through the turn as you'd like and he'll lose guys who can dip-and-rip around him. Tends to shuffle when he should create a smoother arc. Will jab and push at the end of plays. Has a clear chip on his shoulder and a nasty streak, which is great as long as he keeps it under control. Tends to come up too high at times and can be beaten by pure leverage bull-rushers. Doesn't always hit his target in space. Strength of competition will be an issue for some.

What he brings to the team: Immediately, Fisher gives Andy Reid the kind of athletic, nasty tackle he always preferred in his years with the Philadelphia Eagles. The pick allows the Chiefs to either trade Branden Albert, or move him to right tackle, and sets their balanced offense up very well.

Was it the right pick? Without question. Backside protection is going to be an issue for the Chiefs as Albert has expressed his displeasure with his current situaiton. Fisher is the best overall player in this draft class, and he's still got a chip on his shoulder from the days when he was ignored by the Big 10 when he was a high-school recruit.

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