Justin Tuckers helps Ravens win on field but dominates even more in post-game interview

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker quickly is reaching rock-star status.

After kicking five field goals to help his team hold off the Pittsburgh Steelers on Thanksgiving night, Tucker was named by John Madden — watching somewhere from home — as one of the players of the game, along with Jacoby Jones.

But Tucker wasn't reserved when NBC's Michele Tafoya started firing questions at him. Tafoya might have been a bit rattled with two massive turkeys freshly roasted in front of them, but when she asked them each to grab some grub, Tucker one-upped Jones by tearing loose a leg and dislodging the turkey's entire thigh and hindquarter in the process.

That's what we'd call a "football move" right there.

Tucker shows some manners by not wanting to chew with his mouth full, a nice nod to Mom, but that didn't take away from his street cred in any way.

Jones gets in the act with a funny line in the interview about Mike Tomlin's sideline obstruction on a kickoff return, but this was Tucker's night.

You can see why his teammates love the guy. First off, the second-year kicker has nailed 27 straight field-goal attempts. He is automatic points on what has become the definition of a field-goal offense. Second, he pulls a pro move by inviting his long snapper (Morgan Cox) and holder (Sam Koch) to the interview. Shame on NBC for not offering them as much as a gizzard.

Tucker might have some new-school blood in him, as evidenced by his TerRio Dance interpretation from a few weeks ago, but you can bet that Madden would have found a spot for him as the kicker on his All-Madden Team (if it still existed) after Tucker's blue-collar turkey dissection and incredible kicking.

Nice work, man. Someone get this man a proper nickname, stat.

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