Justin Tuck gave out 80 bottles of Johnnie Walker Blue to celebrate Super Bowl

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

To celebrate the New York Giants' victory in Super Bowl XLVI, defensive end Justin Tuck gave every member of the team an engraved bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.

The New York Post reports that Tuck handed out 80 bottles to teammates, coaches and staff on Tuesday morning before the team's victory parade. Each 750-milliliter bottle was engraved with "Super Bowl XLVI champions." The total cost was $17,600, or $220 per bottle.

"Johnnie Walker is kind of a working man's drink," defensive end Dave Tollefson told the Post. "Johnnie Walker and some Coke. It just speaks to the attitude of our team and the type of guy he is."

I suppose Johnnie Walker is a working man's drink, if that man works in a corner office on Wall Street. And though giving the gifts is certainly an indication about the type of guy Tuck is, I don't know if the $220 bottles of booze speak to the Giants' attitude, unless that attitude is of affected Long Island accents and summering on Montauk. (And, I swear, Dave Tollefson, if you ruin the smooth, blended malt perfection that is Johnnie Blue with a splash of Coke, I'll -- well, I'll do nothing because you're 6-foot-4 and weigh 270 pounds. But I'll be greatly upset from a far distance.)

As proud as Tuck was to have won another Super Bowl with the Giants, part of me can't help but think he wouldn't have minded if the team's colors were closer to that of the Arizona Cardinals. Eighty bottles of Johnnie Walker Red would have retailed for around $1,500.

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