Justin Blackmon rocks unsuspecting security guard on sideline, offers no condolences (GIFs)

Standing on the sideline with your back to a football field carries a certain amount of risk. Like having a massive wide receiver blindside you in the back as you're doing your job.

Jacksonville receiver Justin Blackmon is listed at 210 pounds (it seems like he's more than that), and certainly has to outweigh the poor security guard he accidentally blasted in the back out of bounds on Sunday.

Blackmon caught a pass near the end zone, but couldn't get both feet in bounds and his momentum kept carrying him towards the poor security guard.

Then some fan, not knowing Blackmon hadn't scored and not caring too much that the security guard might have a serious case of whiplash, started celebrating with Blackmon.

You'd think Blackmon would at least check on the security guard that he just rocked. It's not like he didn't notice lighting him up. But no, Blackmon just strolls by him like nothing happened.

Poor security guard. He was just doing his job. He'll be feeling that hit in the morning. Blackmon probably won't.

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