Justin Blackmon arrives in the NFL with a monster day

Jacksonville receiver Justin Blackmon had a very slow start to his NFL career, with just 250 yards, one touchdown and an average of less than 10 yards per game before Sunday. That's downright awful for a top-five overall pick.

The asterisk on Blackmon's numbers was that the Jaguars were getting an F-minus at quarterback from Blaine Gabbert. As it turns out, a switch from Gabbert to Chad Henne proved wonders for Blackmon, at least for one game.

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With Gabbert out of the game against Houston early with an injury, Blackmon nearly doubled his totals from the first nine games.

Blackmon had seven catches for 236 yards with some reasonably competent quarterback play. Blackmon's most impressive play came in the fourth quarter. On a third and 21, he caught a deep pass over the middle, bounced off some defenders and went the distance for an 81-yard score. That's the kind of play Blackmon made often for Oklahoma State.

Blackmon's big game wasn't just one play - he had 155 yards on six catches aside from his long touchdown. That came against a defense that was third in the NFL in passing yards allowed per game.

Whoever takes over as Jacksonville's quarterback next year, he'll have a young emerging talent to throw to in Blackmon.

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