Just like last week, Cowboys get flagged for celebration penalty

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." -- George Santayana

The Dallas Cowboys might want to brush up on their Spanish philosophers.

One week after a celebration penalty played a pivotal role in the team's loss to the Tennessee Titans, the Cowboys went out and got another one after scoring its first touchdown Sunday against the Minnesota Vikings. So much for learning from past mistakes.

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After Roy Williams scored a first-quarter TD, Miles Austin(notes) ran into the end zone and leapfrogged his teammate in what appeared to be a carefully planned celebration:

That was such a blatant violation of the rule that even Marc Colombo(notes) couldn't whine about it. What were Austin and Williams thinking? Did they think that wasn't going to get flagged? Did they not remember last week? You'd think the coaches would have mentioned it 100 times this week that the team shouldn't celebrate touchdowns at all. With this display, one could get the impression that the team's head coach is a bumbling, incompetent mess. (Nah.)

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As we wrote last week, the celebration penalty is awful. Grown men playing leapfrog might be lame, but a rule restricting it is infinitely lamer. But the rule exists and veterans like Austin and Williams can't be costing their team 15 yards because of a blatant violation of it.

The celebration penalty ended up contributing to the Cowboys' loss to the Titans last week. This time around it proved harmless. Though the Vikings began their next possession on the Dallas 45-yard line, Brett Favre(notes) and company went three-and-out.

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Though the Cowboys didn't heed Santayana's words this week, the third touchdown ended up being the charm. How did the team celebrate a later touchdown in the game? With a simple handshake.

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