This just in: Braylon Edwards is not a great driver

New York Jets receiver Braylon Edwards received a pretty sweet new car for his 28th birthday in February — a 2011 Audi that didn't stay unmarred for too long. While driving in Detroit at about 3:40 Friday morning, Edwards apparently lost control of his car on a slick patch of road and hit a barrier. He was unhurt. Edwards, who played his college ball at Michigan, had what he thought was a perfectly good story regarding the crash, as he tweeted on Saturday:

Unfortunately, Mr. Edwards is going to have to understand that people are going to be suspicious about this. First, there's the small matter of his vehicular history:

Records from Michigan show the "lead foot" athlete has been pulled over for speeding 7 times in the last 8 years. Among the worst offenses were a 2005 ticket for doing 61 in a 30 mph zone and another for doing 97 in a 65 mph zone later that year.

 That little bit of info was from a story detailing the DWI Edwards was charged with last September after he blew a .16 into a breathalyzer. Edwards was originally stopped for having excessively tinted windows, and later called the arrest "B.S."

"The bad thing about this situation is I never drive in New York," Edwards said. "One, I don't know where the heck I'm going and two, the roads are too bumpy and traffic is crazy. I usually always have a chauffeur, but it was a random situation. I went to a teammate's event and stepped out after that.

"Why I got pulled over wasn't even because of erratic driving or suspicion of intoxicated driving, it was for tinted windows, which is some B.S. But things happen. But you learn from it; no matter if you drive there you should have someone else drive back be at a car service, cab, a friend. Don't put yourself in that situation."

Sage advice, but Edwards is going to have to understand why people are raising their eyebrows about this. The obvious question: Who goes to a yacht club at 3:40 in the morning?

Edwards will be a free agent when the lockout ends, and he has said that he wouldn't mind returning to the Jets. If that happens, the Jets might be wise to call Edwards a cab when he comes in for training camp. This whole driving thing just doesn't seem to be going his way.

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