Julian Edelman, Bradley Cooper visit victim of Boston Marathon blast who ID’d suspect

Although the Boston Marathon tragedy remains a developing story, Boston sports figures are beginning to show their appreciation for the acts and sacrifices of their hometown fans. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman and actor Bradley Cooper visited the bedside of Jeffrey Bauman Jr., who lost both legs in the blast yet still managed to ID one of the suspects. Edelman later posted the following on Twitter:

Bauman, 27, helped investigators with a description of one of the bombers. According to the New York Post — which, granted, has suffered some serious credibility missteps this week — Bauman wrote "bag, saw the guy, looked right at me" on a sheet of paper after he awoke from surgery. He later gave a full description of the suspect, which apparently matches Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who died in a firefight on Friday.

Bauman was cheering on his girlfriend in the race when the blast took place. The photo of him being rushed to safety was one of the iconic pictures of the early moments of the tragedy.

Expect to see more of these stories in the coming days. Boston's most admirable representatives aren't anywhere near the field or court.

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