Josh Freeman banished to suite to watch Tampa Bay’s loss to Arizona

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There are more than a few dumpster fires in the NFL at this moment — looking right at you, Giants and Steelers — but hands down, the ugliest personnel situation in the league is writhing its way through the Tampa Bay Buccaneers organization.

At the end of last season, Freeman was Tampa Bay's starting quarterback and one of its captains. He lost the captaincy in a vote earlier this month, and lost the starting job after an 0-3 start. And on Sunday, he wasn't even allowed on the freaking field for the game against the Cardinals. Freeman was forced to watch the game, a 13-10 Tampa Bay loss, from a suite at Raymond James Stadium. After an 0-3 start, Freeman was dropped from No. 1 to No. 3 on the QB depth chart. In Freeman's place, Mike Glennon got the start.

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Naturally, Tampa Bay head coach Greg Schiano painted the decision to banish Freeman to a suite as a "mutual decision." And just as naturally, Freeman's agent termed that "a lie. Obviously." Freeman was already in the metaphorical doghouse for missing a team photo, and this appears to be a literal embodiment of that ... though, presumably, Freeman's "doghouse" had drinks on ice, a private bathroom and perhaps a steam tray of egg rolls.

In recent days, Freeman has made no secret of his desire to be traded, and clearly Schiano and the rest of the Bucs organization consider him such a festering sore that they don't want him infecting the rest of the team. (Nice image, huh?) Tampa Bay has a bye week coming up; chances are good that by the time the Bucs welcome the Eagles to town on Oct. 13, Freeman will be nowhere near the state of Florida.

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