Jon Gruden spoofs his ‘QB Camp’ feature on a Hooters ad, gives waitress the Chucky stare

This commercial is great, and not just because it prominently features a Hooters waitress.

Jon Gruden has hit gold with an annual offseason feature, his "QB camp" series with incoming rookie quarterbacks. The former coach and current ESPN analyst grills the players on everything from their leadership ability to describing plays as they watch video together.

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So, the next logical step was, of course, doing that with a waitress from the popular Hooters restaurant chain. Thus, "Hoot Camp" was born.

The beauty of the spoof isn't Gruden asking the waitress about her Bloody Marys or wings, or even the waitress spits out that the fullback is the primary read on "Spider 2 Z Snag," but the total Chucky stare that Gruden gives the waitress when she's done.

Whoa! Jon wants his wings with blue cheese, celery and some extra creeper. Chop, chop!

Pretty funny commercial. And now we can have add "Maybe we'll see Jon Gruden there!" to our list of excuses for going to Hooters.

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