Jon Gruden’s ‘QB Camp’ makes people uncomfortable

Shutdown Corner

Despite his performances on Monday nights, ESPN analyst Jon Gruden is capable of making some entertaining television.

Gruden's "QB Camp" series, in which he pokes and prods QB draft prospects, seems to exist for the sole purpose of making guys like Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert cringe uncomfortably in their chair while trying to think of something to say that would make them look halfway competent. If that's the case, Gruden has nailed it.

Here's Cam Newton, struggling with verbiage in a couple of different ways.

And here's Blaine Gabbert, listening to Gruden do just about everything short of calling him a shotgun-loving pansy.


Former Gruden quarterback Shaun King finds the whole thing awkward, too, because he doesn't feel like Gruden is qualified for such interrogations. Via, King, co-host of "The King David Show" on WQYK-AM in Tampa, questions the whole notion of Gruden-as-QB-molder.

"I won't watch it. I disagree with the premise of the show. The premise is that Gruden is some kind of quarterbacks guru and that having him as a destination for a rookie QB is the ideal situation for a rookie and that just hasn't proven to be the case."

As JoeBucsFan points out, Gruden's seen the most success in his career with veteran quarterbacks like Rich Gannon and Brad Johnson, but when he's had to rely on a young fellow like Chris Simms, Luke McCown or Bruce Gradkowski, he has not made magic.

Regardless, it's fun to watch him turn Newton and Gabbert into flustered fidgeters. That's Gruden's job now -- to make good television. That's what he's doing.

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