Johnny Manziel forced to sit in the dreaded middle seat during recent flight (photos)

Anwar S. Richardson
Shutdown Corner
Johnny Manziel
Johnny Manziel

Johnny Football is now Johnny Middle Seat.

Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel created a firestorm after enjoying himself in Las Vegas during Memorial Day weekend. Some NFL observers disapproved of a 21-year-old enjoying being single and enjoying himself in a party city. Maybe he should have stayed home and caught up on Game of Thrones instead?

Well, there is a normal side to the popular football player.

Manziel was forced to sit in a middle seat during a recent flight on Southwest Airlines. Maybe Manziel was too busy studying his playbook to check-in early.

Sure, Manziel was probably busying enjoying the life of Johnny Football to check-in 24 hours before his flight. However, Southwest actually offers Early Bird Check-In, which means Manziel could have avoided having to look over a stranger's shoulder as the plane landed for a few bucks. Instead, Manziel had to climb over the person sitting in the aisle seat to walk toward the bathroom.  

If Manziel was entertained by one of Southwest’s flight attendants, all is forgiven. 


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