Johnny Jolly just can’t stop getting arrested

Shutdown Corner

It's probably time to start talking about Johnny Jolly's career in the past tense.

Already serving an indefinite NFL suspension for previous drug possession charges, Jolly, 28, was arrested and charged on Saturday with drug possession and evidence tampering. The substance in question was codeine, which is what he was popped for back in 2008, and again in March of 2011.

All told, this makes four drug possession charges filed against Jolly. If you're keeping track, Jolly now has twice as many drug possession charges (four) as he does career sacks (two). This is not the recipe for a long and successful career. That is a recipe for spending the next few years showering nervously with your back against the wall.

It's a shame, because once upon a time, Jolly was a promising young player. He was 6-3, 320 pounds and athletic. There's always a need for quality defensive ends for a 3-4 scheme, and Jolly was on track to be one of the better ones. He ate up blockers with his size and ability to penetrate, he held the edge and made the occasional play. He was going to be good.

He's still technically under contract with the Packers, but he hasn't played since 2009, and isn't likely to see the field again, well, ever. He was suspended last year for the Packers Super Bowl run, and applied for reinstatement in February.

But then he was arrested in March, which typically isn't good for your reinstatement chances. Hammering another nail into his coffin, he felt the handcuffs again this last weekend. Best of luck to you, Johnny Jolly.

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