John McCain has the backup quarterback demographic locked up

I try not to get political here at The Corner. Lord knows that many of you work diligently to find reasons to send me angry e-mails, so I don't have to lob reasons out there for you.

But I feel like this warrants a mention. There was a big John McCain rally in Strongsville, Ohio yesterday, and Browns backup quarterback Brady Quinn showed up in full McCainiac mode. From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Never mind that Quinn's popularity is all about image and hope, with little game experience to back it up -- the same qualities McCain accuses Democratic candidate Sen. Barack Obama of at each stop. In Strongsville, he and Palin sent the sharper attacks they have been leveling at Obama this week to the bench and pulled the backup Quinn off it to add a little more pep to an already boisterous rally.

Quinn and Thomas joined McCain, his wife, Cindy, and daughter Megan, along with Palin onstage. Thomas did not speak, but Quinn praised McCain for persevering in his time as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

"This man has endured great adversity," Quinn said. "Too often we label people heroes. Tonight we have a real hero among us."

You know, I'd heard something about John McCain being a prisoner of war in Vietnam, but I wasn't sure. I really wish they'd highlight that more often.

And you know, Brady Quinn went through something similar. It's not a Vietnam prison camp, but he was held prisoner in the NFL Draft's green room for a very long time. Maybe that's where he relates to John McCain.

It's a nice little boost for camp McCain, but there is room for the Obama campaign to counter. Ken Dorsey has yet to go on record with his political endorsement. That could be huge.

Gracias, Deadspin.