John Harbaugh: Unhappy fans can go root for someone else

Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh hosts a radio show on WBAL in Baltimore, in which he takes calls from fans. Losses to the Steelers generally put Ravens fans in a bad mood.

On Tuesday night, Harbaugh had a little too much of that bad mood.

After a few unhappy calls, one in particular questioning the abilities of defensive line coach Clarence Brooks, Harbaugh got a little snippy back at the caller. From

"I'm proud of this football team," Harbaugh said in response to one call. "I'm proud of our defense. I'm proud of our offense. We will fight our tails off to be the best team we can every single week.

"If that's not enough for you then go find another team to cheer for. If you're not proud of this team then you don't know football."

Ooooh. Take that, crotchety fan. The Redskins are right down the road, buddy. See how that works out for you.

I don't think you can blame the coach for being upset. Not that he's above criticism, of course, but this is his job. He probably spends 80 hours a week with these guys, teaching and coaching, and he's got the Ravens playing very well.

Yes, they came up short against Pittsburgh, but they played a terrific football game. Sometimes, the line between winning and losing is really thin. They're 8-4. They'll make the playoffs. They've split with the Steelers this year. That's pretty good.

Imagine you spend a week at work, prepping for your company's big event of the year. You're proud of the effort you turned in. And you go home that night, and you get about five phone calls in a row from people badmouthing you, your coworkers, and the effort you put in. You might feel like lashing out a bit, too.

Taking criticism comes with the job for an NFL head coach, but it doesn't mean he's not allowed to respond.