John Harbaugh pranks his parents on teleconference, asks if they love Jim more

Hey, didja know that this year's Super Bowl features two brothers coaching against each other? Isn't that amazing? We're gonna talk all week about HarBowl!

Really, the only people not already sick of the Jim Harbaugh-vs.-John Harbaugh subplot have to be their parents, Jack and Jackie. And on a media conference call Thursday morning, the Harbaugh parents got a fine little pranking.

During the call, a "John from Baltimore" chimed in to ask, "Is it true that both of you liked Jim better than John?"

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There was a short, uncomfortable pause, and then relieved laughter. John Harbaugh's sister Joani recognized his voice, and father Jack laughed, "Your mom was about ready to come right through this phone!"

The Harbaughs had been getting besieged with calls at their Mequon, Wisconsin home, and so agreed to the call to knock 'em all out at once. The stories and recollections were sweet, as was Jack Harbaugh's declaration of a Harbaugh family slogan: "Who's got it better than us?"

Right now, nobody.

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