How John Harbaugh bloodied his chin by celebrating with his GM

Chris Chase
Shutdown Corner

Jim Harbaugh wanted to celebrate a San Francisco 49ers victory by rubbing some of his player's blood on his cheek. His brother, John, one-upped him on Sunday night when he celebrated the Baltimore Ravens victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers by actually bloodying his face.

The Ravens coach showed up to the post-game press conference after his team's thrilling 23-20 victory with a noticeable cut on his chin. How did Harbaugh, who was blood-free as he walked off the field, manage to hurt himself from the time he got inside the locker room to the time he stepped on the dais at his press conference?

Why, he hurt himself tackling his general manager, of course.

After the game, in the tunnel on the way to the locker room, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome approached Harbaugh to give him a congratulatory hug. The two men were on the ground an instant later. has the video.

Ozzie goes in for the hug.

John, being of the Harbaugh lineage, cannot engage in postgame congratulatory gestures without resorting to overenthusiastic body contact and jumps into Newsome's arms.

{YSP:more}The 55-year-old Hall of Fame tight end, surprised by the leap, loses his balance and falls onto Harbaugh.

One guy helps out by pointing. Newsome manages to keep himself upright and holds onto Harbaugh, then pulls him up.

Harbaugh is undeterred, hatless and sporting a new cut on his chin.

Much like in his playing days, the guy tackling Newsome ended up worse for the wear. Harbaugh took the occasion to quote Teddy Roosevelt.

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