John Fox: Tim Tebow would be ‘screwed’ in a normal offense

Shutdown Corner

NFL head coaches do not specialize in being honest and forthcoming. Trying to get candor out of one of them is akin to trying to milk an anvil. This is why John Fox, head coach of the Denver Broncos, is today's hero.

The honesty that somehow shot forth from his mouth wasn't even anything we all didn't already know -- but it's so honest, and thus, so refreshing, that I feel like it's worth celebrating. Fox talked to Jeff Darlington of this week about a lot of things, including Tebow running his new pass-free option offense.

"Do whatever the hell it takes," he laughed. "I mean, what the hell? You don't get points for style in this league. Let me tell you something: My man is really good in this offense. You know what I mean?

"If we were trying to run a regular offense, he'd be screwed."

Maybe the best thing about it is that when reading the article, it doesn't sound like anything close to an insult. It just sounds like something that's a reality, something the Broncos have to deal with, and something of which John Fox is making the best.

So yes, it's true -- Tim Tebow cannot play in a traditional NFL offense. The solution to that problem for about 100 of 100 other NFL coaches would be to play someone other than Tim Tebow. The solution for John Fox? Blow the whole damn thing up and try something new.

"I don't think anybody has ever done it quite to the extent we're doing it," said Fox, again referencing the current-day NFL option.

It's beautiful. How many NFL coaches have lost their jobs through the years because they have a specific way of doing things, and they will not deviate from that way, no matter what the talent around them dictates? Fox has not only been flexible, he's taken it to an absolute extreme. It's such a massive change of pace from the traditional copycat nature of the NFL that it almost makes me want to root for Fox and Tebow.

The new Tebow-friendly offense is so run-oriented that Fox even referred to the passing game as "that other crap."

"After the loss to Detroit, we decided if Tim is going to be our guy, we can't do that other crap," Fox said. "We had to tweak it."

I still do like the other crap, and I don't think there's any danger that Pat White, Eric Crouch and Denard Robinson will put Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers out of a job. The reality for John Fox, though, is that he doesn't have a Brady, Brees or Rodgers. He has what he has, and he's embracing it full force. That's a pretty good way to go about things.

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