How is Joey Porter feeling today? Disrespected

The Dolphins have a ginormous game at home against the Patriots this week, and you're never going to believe who has something to say about the game on Tuesday. Okay, okay, I'll tell you: It's Joey Porter.

From the Palm Beach Post:

Instead of letting the final two minutes run out during a 28-7 win on Dec. 23, the Patriots, facing first-and-20, called three running plays before the Dolphins forced a punt on 4th-and-7 with 18 seconds left.

The memory of this breach of NFL etiquette still burns Porter.

"They could've kneed the ball. We couldn't win the game," he recalled Monday. "They were up by 21 and they still were running running plays. I'm looking at (Tom) Brady, thinking he's going to take a knee and the game's over. But they continued to run ..."

"I don't forget things like that. I hope our whole defense, our whole team, doesn't forget things like that."


"It's always about respect," Porter said. "If somebody shows you respect, then you're going to get respect back. But if someone shows you a certain way, why should I be any different?"

Someday, I'd like to meet a different Joey Porter. I think that would be a treat for all of us.

Listen, I'm no Bill Belichick fan, either, and I think it's absolutely clear that there were times last year when he ran up the score on hapless opponents. But three handoffs instead of three kneel-downs is what has Porter all worked up?

That seems a little touchy. It also seems very, very Joey.

But hey, knock yourself out, Joey. If three handoffs get you fired up, then so be it. To me, in the battle of Bill Belichick vs. Joey Porter, there are no good guys. It's like Paul Orndorff against Greg "The Hammer" Valentine in 1984.

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