Joe Theismann is not on the Tim Tebow bandwagon

In fact, he's standing on the side of the road, throwing grenades at it.

Theismann did a radio interview with 1010XL in Jacksonville, and hammered a college athlete like you'll rarely ever hear. Theismann is of the belief that Tim Tebow should've retired after college; that he shouldn't even take a shot at playing in the NFL. Via Pro Football Talk, Theismann explained why:

"Rock star status preserved," Theismann said.

"Obviously at Florida they don't teach throwing the football," Theismann opined in explaining that Tebow's mechanics are "poor." Theismann also said that Urban Meyer and his staff have "no clue" regarding the process for preparing a quarterback to play "at the next level."

My goodness. It's like Theismann works for Planned Parenthood or something.

It's even more surprising when you consider that Theismann was an ESPN broadcaster for 18 years, and in that time, refused to say anything negative about any player. For some reason now, though, he's going after Tim Tebow, who might be one of the nicest people on the planet, like he owes him money.

Now, of course, criticizing Tebow as a football player is fine. A lot of people are doing that, and a lot of people doubt that he can be a good NFL quarterback. To say he should have retired after college, though, seems unusually harsh. It's mean. It might even be dumb, considering how much Tebow stands to earn by showing up, getting drafted and endorsing a few products.

I don't know what got into Theismann here. I guess if a guy doesn't have much experience being critical of players, the first time he tries it, he might come off like a jerk.

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