Joe Namath rocks a huge fur coat, shows he’s still the coolest guy around

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – Even with 100,000 people at Super Bowl XLVIII, Broadway Joe is still the coolest guy in the room.

Not many 70-year-old men can pull off wearing an enormous fur coat, but most men aren't Joe Namath.

The Super Bowl III MVP was walking around on the MetLife Stadium field before the game wearing a coat that was a callback to his days as the Jets quarterback when he would think nothing of wearing a fur coat on the sideline, because he was Joe Namath and who is going to tell him otherwise?

(In fact, it really does look like that same fur coat from the photo taken in 1973.)

He came out for the coin toss with fellow former Super Bowl MVP Phil Simms (who dressed a little more conservatively) in the fur coat. Then Namath had a false start on the toss ("That was a good catch," Namath told the official who caught the coin that he flipped too early, to give the coin back to him to flip after the players called heads or tails) as the players got a good chuckle before the kickoff.

So the coin toss didn't go that smoothly, but Namath still looked pretty darn cool doing it.

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