Joe Namath is doing retirement-home commercials. Related: time is so, so evil

As if we weren't all depressed enough after the events of Sunday's "Game of Thrones" — spoiler: keep a close eye on the band at your next wedding — Kissing Suzy Kolber brings us the above video, one from Broadway Joe Namath pitching some retirement community in Tennessee.

Oh, Joe. Charts of property taxes and homeowners insurance? Look, most of us are too young to remember Namath's sheer presence in the late '60s/early '70s, but moves like his guarantee of victory in Super Bowl III and his ladykiller persona were unprecedented. Were he active today, he'd be Tom Brady multiplied by Tim Tebow, an absolute off-the-chart social media phenomenon. Seriously, just try to imagine any athlete, in any sport, doing ads like this in 2013:

Or this:

Or, sweet heaven, this:

So, yeah. We don't begrudge Joe doing some ad work for his target demographic. But it's a pretty vivid reminder that time comes for us all one day ... and that old-time commercials are both awesome and awful, all at once.

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