Joe McKnight says too much McDonald’s helped him gain 16 pounds in offseason

Chris Chase

Speedy New York Jets running back Joe McKnight gained 16 pounds in the offseason in order to transform himself into a more durable NFL running back. And how did he add the weight so quickly?

"A lot of McDonald's," the 215-pound back told reporters. "I ate healthy, but the majority of the time I was eating bad. I'm not going to say I was eating all the right stuff like Tim Tebow."

Oh, McDonald's, scapegoat of weight gains worldwide. Why does it always have to be McDonald's that gets blamed? Sure, the elite sneer at the golden arches (check out the comments section in this New York Times Magazine article), but trendy burger joints like Shake Shack aren't exactly Weight Watchers approved.

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McKnight said he gained the weight and then worked out to convert his bulk into muscle, but nobody heard that part because they were all wondering what Tim Tebow eats. My guess: Grilled chicken, half a plain baked potato, steamed broccoli and a glass of chocolate milk if he's been an especially good boy.

The running back shouldn't have to go far to get advice on weight loss. Portly Rex Ryan showed up at Jets minicamp looking svelte after his lapband procedure. The coach has dropped 90 pounds since January.

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