Joe Flacco’s wife gives birth to the couple’s second child about an hour before kickoff

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As the Baltimore Ravens warmed up for their game against the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, quarterback Joe Flacco could be excused for being a bit preoccupied.

His wife was in labor.

Joe Flacco's wife Dana gave birth to the couple's second child about an hour before kickoff. The Ravens announced it about 30 minutes before the game started.

Flacco will play against the Browns, but it had to be a difficult thing for Flacco to wonder what was happening during one of the biggest moments of his life while trying to concentrate on his high-profile job. Now that we know that the birth went well and Flacco has a new son, he can go ahead with a clear head – although one would figure he wants to get out of the stadium pretty quickly after the game today.

Congratulations to the Flacco family.

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