Joe Flacco connects with Jacoby Jones to send Broncos-Ravens game into overtime

Just when you thought the Baltimore Ravens were out of the divisional round game against the Denver Broncos, Joe Flacco pulled them back in. With 41 seconds left in regulation, the Broncos up, 35-28, and the ball at the Baltimore 30-yard line, Flacco went deep up top to Jacoby Jones, who scored the touchdown that put the game into overtime following Justin Tucker's extra point.

On the play, Denver had four defenders at the line, and seven in all-out coverage. Jones screamed down the right sideline with cornerback Tony Carter following, and safety Mike Adams handed tight end Dennis Pitta off to safety Rahim Moore in coverage from flex position. Or, at least, that's what it looked like on the field.

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What we don't know is that Moore's actual assignment was. Adams stopped to play short zone, and Moore had that brain-freeze of a moment every pass defender hates: Do I stay with the tight end deep, or do I give my cornerback buddy some help over the top? Moore could have lost either way, but unfortunately for him, he lost in a way that allowed Jones to flat-out clown Carter on the deep sideline route.

SIRIUS NFL Radio analyst and former NFL quarterback Rich Gannon put it best on his Twitter account:

Maybe the worst angle and play by a safety that I've ever seen! Wow, just terrible!

True, but it will be interesting to see after the game what Denver's coaches and players say about who had responsibility for what. In any case, the Broncos really blew it.

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