Jimmy Johnson would like to talk to you about male enhancement

Former Dallas Cowboys coach and current Fox NFL analyst Jimmy Johnson has a new job: convincing you that you will forever be sexually inadequate unless you're wolfing down his preferred brand of "male enhancement" pills.

Here's the coach, shilling for ExtenZe, complete with cheap size puns.

And that'll pretty much eliminate the option of ever taking Jimmy Johnson seriously again. I think once you've signed on to endorse the same product Ron Jeremy used to endorse, you're pretty much disqualified yourself from ever being a voice of authority on anything else, ever. So thanks, Jimmy, it's been fun.

Any silver lining here has to belong to Frank Caliendo. If he can make fun of Howie Long's hair, then certainly, Jimmy Johnson uses ExtenZe jokes have to be in play. That might be worth seeing.

Gracias, With Leather and Sportress of Blogitude.

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