Jimmy Graham catches yet another TD, bends goalpost in win over Falcons

The Saints beat the Falcons 17-14 on Thursday night, a tougher-than-expected but unsurprising result. What was unexpected, however, was the temporary equipment failure caused by an overenthusiastic Jimmy Graham.

You can forgive Graham for being a little excitable; he's having one of the best seasons ever by a tight end. He added to that total on Thursday with one of the easiest 44-yard touchdowns you'll ever see; the nearest defender was somewhere around Alpharetta. Graham scampered into the end zone to give New Orleans a lead it would never relinquish.

Oh, but Graham wasn't done. After his touchdown, he went in for the customary celebratory dunk, and decided to hang on the crossbar a bit too long:

Yep, he bent the entire freaking goalpost. This was the football equivalent of a Darryl Dawkins backboard-smashing dunk:

The game was delayed a couple minutes while crews pushed the goalpost back into a level position. Naturally, expect the NFL to outlaw dunking next year, because we can't have nice things. Still, this was a good way to go out.

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