Jim Zorn can't get a vote of confidence, but Wade Phillips can

The Washington Post reported this morning that three prominent Redskins players -- all of whom went unnamed -- wanted owner Dan Snyder to proclaim that head coach Jim Zorn is safe for the year. I don't think it's necessarily that they're dying for Zorn to remain coach; it's just that they're tired of the uncertainty.

They just want to know, one way or the other. They'd like for Dan Snyder, as they say, to drink or get away from the water fountain.

Well, the day has passed, and they haven't gotten their wish.

Oddly, though, Dallas Cowboys head coach Jerry Jones, who has his own coach under fire, issued Wade Phillips a season-long vote of confidence out of the clear blue sky. From Calvin Watkins of ESPN Dallas:

"Under no circumstances would I make a change," Jones said. "We've got a chance to get a lot of things done and we've got a lot of football left to play and we've got some good people that not only can play it, but coach it."

Phillips is in the final year of a three-year contract, though there is an option that hasn't been picked up. Jones said Phillips will finish out the season as coach.

"Yes, he would be and without equivocation," Jones said.

Jones was just answering a question he was asked, but the timing of it makes it seem like he was maybe needling Danny Snyder a little bit. "Oh, you won't give your head coach a vote of confidence? I'll give my coach a vote of confidence, because we are clearly the superior organization."

Whether or not that's a good thing for the Cowboys, I'll let you decide. If you choose to see this as Jerry Jones saying, "Hey, I'll hold on to my bad head coach longer than you can hold on to yours!", I couldn't really argue with you.

I can understand where the three unnamed Redskins are coming from, though. It's not a case of them really wanting Jim Zorn -- at least, that's really hard to imagine -- they just want to know who's going to be their boss tomorrow. That's a reasonable thing for anyone to want.

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